Sunday, August 24, 2008


GreenGender is an electronic music producer from San Francisco. He is signed to the UK-based label - Steal My Oil Records. He also produces more indie / guitar style music as The Worthing.

GreenGender was kind enough to share his Male Factor EP with his fans at Last.FM so I wanted to share those songs with you here. Please enjoy, and support GreenGender by purchasing his other music from Itunes by clicking the button below:

GreenGender - Bastard Transmission

GreenGender - Drown

GreenGender - Male Factor

GreenGender - Mob Mentality

GreenGender - Publique

Be sure to also visit GreenGender on MySpace.

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Marc said...

Thanks for this!

Btw, maybe you'll like this minimal music generator! You can also see it there