Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ernest Gonzales

Ernest Gonzales produces emotional, genre-blurring electronic music. I couldn't come up with a better bio than he has written for himself, so please read the following:

(Ernest on Ernest)
"My name is Ernest Gonzales and I am a Hyphenated American aka Hispanic, Chicano, Latino, or Mexican - Whatever you want to call it. I grew up next door to the Alamo, but my Spanish is muy pequito. I am the only child of an electrician father and a Home Depot customer service rep mom. Latch-key only child = video games, drawing trees, making bow and arrows, too much MTV, and pizza pockets. Somehow in between engineering camps I decided to go to art school. During that time I used extra scholarship money to buy my first drum machine.

See kids it does pay off to make good grades. All this leads to music production. I have no plans on making any raggaeton beats. So I leave you, Ernest Gonzales, a Hyphenated American making music. Hip Hop, Experimental, Electronic - whatever you want to call it. My album, "While on Saturn's Rings", came out in October of 2007, features a remix by Daedelus, reached #8 on the CMJ RPM Charts, and is good to do yoga or make out to. Maybe both at the same time if you're a freak. My music will change the world but don't take my word for it...I'm just trying to sell it to you so I can pay some bills."

I want to share a couple of his songs with you and I encourage you to purchase his album if you like his music.

Ernest Gonzales - While On Saturn's Rings

Ernest Gonzales - Glass Pyramids

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Ernest Gonzales

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