Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some Dub choons from Resi

I discovered Resi while browsing for some free music over @ They have a ton of stuff to stream, but then some artists also allow you to download some of their songs. Since this blog is pretty new, I was looking for some music more on the slow side of the BPM scale, and when I listened to his self-branded "space dub" I was sold.

Resi hails from The Netherlands, and makes many different genres of music besides dub. On his profile it says that he plays guitar, bass, drums, percussion and didge, so he is much more than just a studio wizard. The songs posted below are part of an upcoming full length album that is due out in December.

Resi - Februari Moon

Resi - Galactic March

Resi - August

Also, stop by Resi's page on MySpace and show him some love!

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