Monday, July 14, 2008

He Can Jog

He Can Jog (aka Erik Schoster) is a producer that makes ambient / glitch / minimal electronic music. I found He Can Jog as I was looking for electronic music videos on Vimeo and found this:

Middlemarch Tour '08 Promo Video from erik schoster on Vimeo.

I really liked his production and composition style so I headed over to the He Can Jog website and found some more music and info.

Here are links to a couple of the free tracks from He Can Jog:

He Can Jog - Acorn Spectrum / Chunky Squirrel :: this track has a nice minimal beat, a splash of white noise and some nice synth work

He Can Jog - Last Car Ride (feat. Noah Wark) :: this track starts out with a snippet that feels like the song isn't ready to start, then the beat kicks in. Once we establish the pacing, then Noah comes in and drops some rhymes - a very pleasant surprise. So I guess you could call this minimal abstract hip-hop? Whatever you want to call it, I think you'll enjoy it.

Visit Noah Wark on MySpace

He Can Jog has released music on Audiobulb Records, Fork Series Records, Hippocamp, Labrabbit Records and Famous for 15MB.

Also visit Luvsound - a net label that he helps operate.

You can also visit He Can Jog on MySpace.

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